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August 13-19th, 2007 Rheingoldhalle, Mainz
Chess Classic Mainz 2007 (CCM7)
3. Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship
Shredder, Rybka, Jonny, Spike



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   U15 SC Hattersheim
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   U4 SG Zürich
   U4 SC Reutlingen
   U3 SF Kelsterbach
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   U3 SC Springer Trittenheim
   U2 SG Siebengebirge
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Chess Classic

Rybka is Chess960 computer chess champion
Exciting games in Livingston Chess960 computer tournament

17.08.2007 - The new Chess960 computer chess champion is Rybka. The program, developed by Vasik Rajlich debuted in Mainz and won the final against the defending champion Shredder, developed by Stefan Mayer-Kahlen 2,5-0,5. Rybka´s triumphal procession has lead to two world titles this year: Rybka won the “normal” computer chess world championship in Amsterdam a few months ago,in Mainz she (Rybka is female!) added another prestigious title. In the match for the bronze medal, Spike won 2,5-0,5 against Jonny.

What a beautiful start of the day: Cmilyte rolls the dice for the first round

Sometimes, traditions develop fast. During the computer chess tournament the initial positions were determined by rolling the Chess960 dice by prominent grandmasters or other Chess Classic coryphaeus. Last year we started this nice tradition and it is actually easy to find a GM in the Rheingoldhalle: almost 60 grandmasters played the FiNet Open! So the tournament director Eric van Reem took a walk in the the lobby of the hall, snatched a GM and asked him/her to throw the dice. On the final day he found Viktorija Cmilyte, who actuelly won the women´s competition in the FiNet Open; Chess960 world champion Levon Aronian, who is a big computer chess fan, got up early (11.00 AM) to take a look at the final games; Zhu Chen, the Chinese ex-world champion Chinese who now plays for Quatar; and finally Parimarjan Negi, currently the world’s youngest grandmaster.

Hans-Walter Schmitt, Levon Aronian and Hans Secelle are happy that they do not have to play this position


International master Viktorija Cmilyte manages to construct a position where the left half of the board is “fairly normal”. In the first game of the title match, Shredder comes out of the opening with a small plus but when he looses some valuable tempi with one of his bishops, Rybka bounces back with great force. In the battle for bronze, Spike starts the game in his usual prosaic way, develops soundly and wins almost effortlessly.


In the next round, Chess960 world champion Levon Aronian puts the queens in the corner and off we go.  Jonny and Spike quickly draw by repetition and the same thing seems to be happening on the other board. However, Shredder apparently thinks there’s still some play in it and avoids threefold repetition. In a very tactical position, Rybka’s passed pawns somehow seem to run faster than Shredder’s and the current world champion has to part with his bishop to stop Rybka’s g-pawn. Soon after, Shredder has to sacrifice the exchange and being a rook behind, Stefan has to resign.Vasik now only needs half a point to add the Chess960 world title to his growing collection.

The Zhu Chen position:the arbiter is confused.


Grandmaster Zu Chen has created another interesting position for the third game of the day and for both Shredder and Jonny, the moment of truth has arrived. Jonny has to make at least a draw, whereas Shredder has to win at all cost. Spike has seen things differently and scores its second quick victory of the day, securing the bronze medal. Shredder presses hard but today Rybka seems like an impossible nut to crack. It all comes down to an ending where Rybka’s passed pawn makes it to h2, but that’s as far as it gets. Still, half a point is enough and when, after some manoeuvring, the players agree to a draw, Vasik Rajlich and Rybka can call themselves the new Chess960 Computer World Champions.

13-year Indian star Negi throwing position number 921


Parimarjan Negi, currently the world’s youngest grandmaster, has the honour to throw the dice for the last game of the 2007 Chess960 Computer World Championship and “makes” a nice one. Vasik and Stefan prefer to omit the fourth game and to call it a day. On the second board, Johannes and Ralf still want to battle it out and Jonny finally manages to score his first victory in the tournament after nice piece sacrifice on a6.




Hans Secelle/Eric van Reem

Published by Eric van Reem

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